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Miles from Home

During the late 1970’s and early 80’s we became interested in tropical plants and outdoor products from around the world. We travelled to Florida and Mexico to find the most beautiful pieces that caught our eye and began to bring them back to Quebec. With modifications and growing selections we developed into an ever changing and trend setting outdoor furniture store.We started to design our own lines of Pottery in Mexico to better suit Montreal’s more European tastes and our interior scape needs. We started importing Mexican furniture and artisanal products along with making and designing iron furniture of our own. In 2003 we  took our first few steps in Asia and truly began our journey to selling outdoor furniture.


for 36 years

We have focused our efforts around the most interesting and sustainable products. At Cameleon Vert we offer a full range of eco-friendly furniture that will please even the most  design conscious and environmentally friendly consumer.


Our Story

  • 1978: Cameleon Vert started business as Montreal’s first Tropical  Plant & Stained Glass store. We started interior scaping and office plant  maintenance the same year. We imported our own tropical plants from Florida from Day 1. We tried many new varieties that were not known to be viable as tropical indoor houseplants. We tested these plants in our own home environment so as to be able to have first hand knowledge of long term behaviour of our product in the harsh real world of Quebec winter interiors.
  • 1979: We started selling Italian Clay & Brass Cache pots and Real wicker furniture in 1979.
  • 1980: We started selling Barlow Tyrie Teak furniture. Again we tested the product in our own environment. Leaving it outdoors all year round.
  • 1982: We stopped making Stained Glass products.
  • 1985: Because of our Unique choice of plant product. We started to wholesale Tropical plants to other plant maintenance companies. Started Cameleon Rose and became a Florist as well as selling Tropical plants and Mexican furniture.
  • 1987: We started exteriorscaping in the summer months.
  • 1988: We started importing Mexican Pottery and added other lines of Teak furniture. Kingsley Bates.
  • 1989: We started design our own lines of Pottery in Mexican to better suit Montreals more European tastes and our interiorscape needs. Added Rockwood Teak to our lines of teak.
  • 1990: We started designing and making real Wrought iron furniture in Mexico along with other furniture and decor items made of wood. We also started bring in the work of Mexican furniture artists and more artisanal Mexican product.
  • 2003:  We began designing & importing our own line of Tek & Alu Furniture directly from Indonesia . We called this line Teknologie pour la Vie. We stopped Selling cut Flowers and sold the interiorscaping portion of our business. We also began to expand into manufacturing our own line of Parasols and Gazebos in China. We also started to develop a line of wireless LED outdoor lighting.
    In order to be able to devote more time to manufacture in Asia, we began to close in the winter months.
  • 2010-2013:  We started looking for a new location for our store and warehouse. we temporarily moved our warehouse to St Antoine & de la Montagne Brossard. We realized the advantages of warehousing on site. In 2013, we arranged to move to rue William in Griffintown. We now warehouse and sell from one location.
  • 2014: We have developed many new lines to reflect the needs of our new Condo era in Montreal. Many of our sofas and tables are chairs are scaled for condo terraces and small gardens. We have also started to develop a distribution system for an exciting new Modular Decking System from Italy called iDecking. This product is a Sustainable , Ecological &100% recyclable. This Composite product contains NO WOOD. It is made of Rice Husk mixed with Salt and Mineral oils. The frame system is of Nylon and Aluminium. It requires no nails or screws, it simply snaps or clicks together. The planks look and feel like wood but contains no material which can rot. It is repairable if damaged using the same tools and products as wood. It is a long lasting Ultra Low Maintenance product. We are very excited!